Swimming Pool and Pond Disinfection System

Sanitizing your swimming pool with Emaux Disinfection System and FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System for fish ponds.

Mactan Pools Inc. offers wide variety of swimming pool and pond disinfection system from Emaux. Feel free to contact us for your requirements, we stock more products than are listed on this website. We may have just what you are looking for.

Emaux Nano Tech UV-C Disinfection System

A non-chemical approach to water sanitization. For above-ground and residential pools water disinfection.

The Nano Tech Series of ultraviolet units are applied in the water treatment sector (residual and drinking water) as well as in swimming pools and ponds installations. The UV lamp provides a UV dose of 30mJ/cm², which is sufficient for disinfection of the water and protection against 99.9% chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

NanoTech UV-C Advantages

  1. User-Friendly
    Easy installation and maintenance. Optional timer can control the running operation hours.
  2. Strong and Durable
    Robust housing which is made of Stainless Steel AISI 316 enhances the product life with its anti-corrosion property. Professional quality UV lamp possess a long life time over 9,000 ( to 12,000) hours. 
  3. High Efficiency
    The mirror-polished interior of the housing increases the UV reflection rate and thus enhances the work efficiency up to 35%.
  4. High Transmission Rate
    High quality quartz sleeve ensures nearly 100% transmission of UV-C at 254nm. It offers protection against air and water flow, breakage, and temperature fluctuations. 
  5. Environmental-Friendly
    It reduces the chlorine consumption up to 70%. Also water renewal is reduced due to fewer by-products formed.
  6. Better Protection
    The disinfected water is free of unpleasant smells and does not irritate the eyes, because of the drastic reduction in the amount of chloramines. No risk of allergies, and your pool is protected against pathogenic organism and algae.

Emaux Swimming Pool Disinfection System

Superior SSC Series Salt Chlorinator

For residential and semi-commercial pools.

Salt Chlorinators, are an alternative means of sanitizing your pool with chlorine using the process of electrolysis.The electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salt water solution through an electrolytic cell which converts sodium chloride (salt) in the water into chlorine gas which, when dissolved in water become sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine).


  1. 3 models to choose: 15,25,45g/hr
  2. Self-cleaning reverse polarity
  3. Quality titanium cells
  4. Maximum working pressure: 250kPa / 36psi / 2.5bar
  5. Models with time clock and/or pool light transformer are available
  6. The internal temperature sensor protects the device from overheat
  7. Blade type fuse is used because of its features of easy replacement
  8. Current limiter controls cell output current to prevent over drive

SSCmini Salt Chlorinator

SSC-mini Salt Chlorinator is engineered for the residential pools up to 90,000 liters.

It incorporates the latest technology, an intuitive interface, and robust components design to create the most reliable, user-friendly and maintenance free chlorinator with the best value for money in the market.



  1. Easy to install, maintain and replace
  2. Maximum working pressure: 2.5 bar
  3. Perfect suited for magnesium salted pools

Emaux Fish Pond Disinfection System

FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System

Achieve up to 98% Sterilization Rate.

Specialized for fish ponds and aquaculture.

Control fish pond diseases and infection.

FOS series UV-C disinfection system is an effective product to kill bacteria and other microbes that pass through from the tube as a result to maintain bacteria-free and purified water in your fish pond.


  1. The high-quality UV-C lamp that achieves 98% Sterilization rate
  2. The durable UV-C lamp has a Long Lifespan, more than 10,000 hours
  3. High-quality Quartz tube provides more than 99% Transmittance rate
  4. Adjustable brackets for simpler and flexible installation
  5. Four models 15W, 25W 30W and 55W are suitable fish pond sized up to 14 cubic meters.

Hayward UV Light Systems

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Hayward UV Light Systems - Paramount Series

Enjoy your pool more by making it healthier & cleaner by using ultraviolet water sanitizer. The Ultra UV from Paramount provides an additional layer of protection beyond the capability of chlorine or salt based chlorine generators. This allows the kids & pets to safely swim in the pool as it reduces eye & skin irritation.

As water circulates through the Ultra UV chamber the UV light immediately inactivates 99.9% of micro-organisms and algae which are resistant to chlorine. This provides a cleaner, clearer swimming environment with zero harmful by-products and reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain an adequate level of residual sanitizer.

Easy to install & operate. A perfect addition to any new or existing pools. Check out the video below on how the Ultra UV works & its benefits.


  • Safe, Eco-Friendly & Family-Friendly
  • Inactivates 99.9% Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, Algae & Micro-Organisms Instantaneously
  • More Effective Than Chlorine Or Salt Based Chlorine Generators
  • Dramatically Reduce Chemical Demand By Up To 50%
  • No Harmful By-Products
  • Reduce Eye & Skin Irritations
  • Cleaner, Healthier Water
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • 13,000 operating hour effective lifespan UV-C lamps
  • Available in 120V/50/60Hz & 230V/50/60Hz
  • Indoor or outdoor use
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