Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment

Outstanding cleaning devices for commercial and residential Swimming Pool.

Mactan Pools Inc. offers wide variety of swimming pool cleaning equipment from Hayward and Emaux. Feel free to contact us for your requirements, we stock more products than are listed on this website. We may have just what you are looking for.

Emaux Tomohawk Robotic Pool Cleaner

Tomohawk Robotic Pool Cleaner

Automatically Cleans The Floor & Walls Of Your Pool

Regardless of the shape of your pool, the Tomahawk Robotic Pool Cleaner is the easiest way to clean your pool. Simply drop it in the pool and switch it on.

With low energy consumption due to its innovative design, it spends less time cleaning, and also reduces the backwashing frequency of your filter, saving your precious chemicals.

Advanced Features:

  1. Revolutionary lightweight design
  2. Navigation system works regardless of pool shape
  3. Climbs wall automatically
  4. 2 hours cleaning cycle
  5. Low voltage operation
  6. No-twist floating cable swivel
  7. Quick-draining for easy removal from the pool
  8. Bottom loading filter bag and shoulder brush

Hayward Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner

TigerShark® Series Robotic Pool Cleaner

The iconic workhorse of the industry.

Featuring intelligent microprocessor-based technology, TigerShark robotic cleaners scour all pool surfaces quickly and completely. 

With an on-board pump, they boast strong vacuum power and energy-efficient operation. Their reinforced polyester filter cartridges are easy to clean, just open the cleaner, remove the cartridge and rinse. 

TigerShark cleaners don’t require any additional pumps, hookups or hoses. They run separately from the pool’s filtration system, reducing the amount of water used for backwashing. 

For the best results in less time, trust the cleaners renowned for their reliability, efficiency and ease of use—the TigerShark series from Hayward.®

Hayward Swimming Pool Vacuums

Power-Vac and Super-Vac Swimming Pool Vacuums

Simple wall mount without niche. For concrete pool and vinyl pool.


Features of the Hayward® Power-Vac
and Super-Vac pool vacuums:

  • Transparent design for fast, easy, more efficient cleaning
  • Long-wearing brushes quickly loosen tough algae spots
  • Contoured shape provides easy corner and step cleaning
  • 360º swivel connector eliminates hose tangling
  • Optional weight package for extra vacuuming convenience

Swimming Pool Nets and Brushes

Various Nets In Stock
Pool Brushes with Nylon or Steel Bristles.
Telescopic Poles
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