Swimming Pool and Spa Air Blowers

High-Quality air blowers for Commercial and portable swimming pools and Spa.

Mactan Pools Inc. offers wide variety of swimming pool and spa air blowers from Emaux.

Create bubble stream to your pool.

Emaux Swimming Pool and Spa Air Blowers

HB Series Commercial Air Blower

HB Series Commercial Air Blower performs high-pressure air delivery and vacuum function. It is suitable for the spa usage with Emaux spa jets and fittings. Compact blowers for air or gas, pressure or vacuum with motors from 1 to 2 Hp (0.75 to 1.5 kW).


  1. Continuous duty rating with quality motors
  2. Blowers are CE certified and can be customized for any application
  3. High-temperature designs for up to 50 deg. Celsius
  4. Assorted coatings and platings for corrosive environments
  5. Available for 50Hz and 60Hz

AB Series Economy Air Blower

With low energy consumption, AB Series Economy Air Blower offers high-efficiency operation in a compact design that fits for limited space installation.

Air blower is applicable in bath tub or spa tub, with 220V, 350W motors

Hayward Spa Air Blower

Spa Blower


Featuring an innovative, durable design, our new Spa Blower delivers quiet performance and powerful, soothing bubbles that instantly enhance any spa experience. A unique motor with replaceable parts extends product life, while a 1-year warranty offers added peace of mind. Plus, with simple installation and maintenance, our Spa Blower provides maximum relaxation season after season.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Durable motor features a thermal switch and replaceable brushes for extended life
  2. Full spring check valve prevents water from reaching the motor
  3. Mounting bracket makes installation convenient and simple
  4. Available in 230V and 115V, as well as multiple horsepower for maximum versatility
  5. Unique rubber motor base provides extremely quiet operation
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